Introducing Nokia Bots: add-ons that make daily routines easier by learning from your behavior

by Ari Tourunen, Symbian Devices, Nokia Bots team

We have just released Nokia Bots, a collection of add-ons that autonomously learn your personal preferences and improve the user experience with your daily routines. These Bots run on the homescreen and observe how you use your phone. If it seems that you could benefit from some customization, they automatically configure and activate themselves.

At the moment, Nokia Bots include four handy add-ons:

  • Profile Bot helps you by automating  profile changes during meetings.
  • Alarm Bot learns at what time you usually wake up, and suggests alarms and profile changes nightly.
  • Shortcut Bot provides quick access to your most frequently used applications. Your preferences are learned in the background, and shortcuts automatically updated.
  • Battery Bot lets you know if your battery needs to be charged in the evening before you go to sleep.
Nokia Bots is currently available for N97 and N97 mini.